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All the Best for 2019!

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It’s not quite here yet where I am, but 2019 has already started happening elsewhere in the world, so let me just wish everyone* reading this a very happy new year!

*Apart from my annoyingly persistent homophobic troll David Hine, who can fuck off.

New Year Honour

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The New Year Honours List for 2019 has been published and I find that once again I have been denied the opportunity to turn down an award.

I find more than adequate compensation, however, in the award of Beard of the Year 2018. I was presented with the Certificate in Tiny Rebel Cardiff by Beard Liberation Front organiser and spokesbeing Keith Flett (left; picture by Megan Davies)

The certificate mentions a joint award but I am yet to receive the joint.

Anyway here is the certificate in close up.

Although I saw I was doing well in the popular vote, I was surprised be a winner as I thought it would be given to someone with a higher public profile than me. Happily, for me anyway, the Electoral College decided in my favour.

We bumped into two members of the School of Physics & Astronomy at Cardiff University in Tiny Rebel (both of whom, I must say, appeared to be rather the worse for drink). A short discussion arose as to whether Beard of the Year could be submitted as evidence of ‘impact’ for the forthcoming Research Excellence Framework. I was working at Cardiff for about half the period covered by the award, you see. I’ll leave that as a matter for the relevant authorities to decide.

Scientists win People’s Vote for Beard of the Year for the first time

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Well, I won Beard of the Year 2018 (jointly). Thanks to all who voted for me!

Kmflett's Blog

Beard Liberation Front

Media Release 27th December

Contact Keith Flett 07803 16726

Scientists win People’s Vote for Beard of the Year for first time

The Beard Liberation Front the informal network of beard wearers, has said that after a record vote for the Beard of the Year 2018 the Electoral College has determined that two scientists are the winners. TV doctor Xand Van Tulleken and cosmologist Peter Coles currently at Maynooth University in Ireland shared the Award.

The campaigners say that both the winners had an enthusiastic voting constituency and taking into account the public impact of their beards it was felt a shared title was appropriate this year.

Moreover the fact that both have a scientific background for the first time reflects the growing reach of beard wearing.

Manchester brewer Al Wall of leading craft brewery Cloudwater was runner up with last year’s winner Jeremy Corbyn third.

The 8…

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People’s Vote for Beard of the Year 2018 closes midnight on Christmas Eve

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We’re into the last few hours of voting for Beard of the Year 2018 and I’m still in contention!

Kmflett's Blog

Beard Liberation Front

Media Release 24th December

Contact Keith Flett 07803 16726

People’s Vote for the Beard of the Year 2018 closes at midnight on Xmas Eve.

The Beard Liberation Front the informal network of beard wearers, has said voting for the Beard of the Year 2018 will close at midnight on 24th December in what is the ultimate People’s Vote of the year

The top 6 beard wearers will then head into the Beard of the Year Electoral College.

The College will look at the positive public impact that the beard wearer has had during the year and allocate the remainder of the 40% of the possible votes to allow the winner or winners of Beard of the Year to be named on 28th December

The 6 names currently set to enter the Electoral College are:

Peter Coles

Xand van Tulleken

Al Wall

Philip Glanville

Jeremy Corbyn

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A Christmas Carol, by William Topaz McGonagall

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Welcome, sweet Christmas, blest be the morn
That Christ our Saviour was born!
Earth’s Redeemer, to save us from all danger,
And, as the Holy Record tells, born in a manger.

Then ring, ring, Christmas bells,
Till your sweet music o’er the kingdom swells,
To warn the people to respect the morn
That Christ their Saviour was born.

The snow was on the ground when Christ was born,
And the Virgin Mary His mother felt very forlorn
As she lay in a horse’s stall at a roadside inn,
Till Christ our Saviour was born to free us from sin.

Oh! think of the Virgin Mary as she lay
In a lowly stable on a bed of hay,
And angels watching O’er her till Christ was born,
Therefore all the people should respect Christmas morn.

The way to respect Christmas time
Is not by drinking whisky or wine,
But to sing praises to God on Christmas morn,
The time that Jesus Christ His Son was born;

Whom He sent into the world to save sinners from hell
And by believing in Him in heaven we’ll dwell;
Then blest be the morn that Christ was born,
Who can save us from hell, death, and scorn.

Then he warned, and respect the Saviour dear,
And treat with less respect the New Year,
And respect always the blessed morn
That Christ our Saviour was born.

For each new morn to the Christian is dear,
As well as the morn of the New Year,
And he thanks God for the light of each new morn.
Especially the morn that Christ was born.

Therefore, good people, be warned in time,
And on Christmas morn don’t get drunk with wine
But praise God above on Christmas morn,
Who sent His Son to save us from hell and scorn.

There the heavenly babe He lay
In a stall among a lot of hay,
While the Angel Host by Bethlehem
Sang a beautiful and heavenly anthem.

Christmas time ought to be held most dear,
Much more so than the New Year,
Because that’s the time that Christ was born,
Therefore respect Christmas morn.

And let the rich be kind to the poor,
And think of the hardships they do endure,
Who are neither clothed nor fed,
And Many without a blanket to their bed.

by William Topaz McGonagall (1825-1902)

Outward Bound

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So here I am, then half past seven in the morning and I’m in Dublin Airport waiting for a flight. I managed to drag myself out of bed in time for the 6am Airport Hopper and now I’m ready to fly.

I expected the airport to be very busy this morning with people departing for Christmas. The Hopper bus was certainly much busier than usual for a Saturday morning. The Airport, however, is nowhere near as bad as I’d expected so I managed to get through security and the rest in much less time than I thought.

I think my blogging is going to be at best intermittent over the next two weeks so I’ll take the opportunity afforded by the free airport wifi to wish you all a very merry Christmas (in Irish).

The Gatwick Drone Mystery

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I got home from work this evening to hear that flights to and from Gatwick Airport suspended again because of drones being sighted in the vicinity.

I feel very sorry for the people whose travel plans have been so badly disrupted, but having seen the picture below on the BBC website I’m baffled as to why the security services have been unable to locate the man responsible. Surely a man of that size should be easy to find?