A Year In Maynooth

Well, it’s December 1st, which means that it’s a year to the day since I started my current job in Maynooth.

I started here part-time and from December 2017 until summer 2018 I had to commute back and forth between Wales and Ireland. I’m glad I don’t have to do that anymore!

This term has been my first full-time in Maynooth and with two new modules to teach it has been hard work, but it’s been nice to get back to teaching physics again and I’m very glad I had institutional support needed to get the Open Journal of Astrophysics up and running on a permanent basis.

Terms here in Maynooth involve 12 weeks of teaching (plus a study week in the middle), and this year that means we teach all the way until Friday 21st December. That’s three weeks away, which means there’s one quarter of the teaching still to do. I’ve therefore decided to take a break this weekend before entering the home straight, which is why I’m sitting in Dublin Airport as I write this…

2 Responses to “A Year In Maynooth”

  1. Have you found phd students there ?

  2. Oh, the joy of it all!

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