The Final Shootout

“Only connect” they say so I thought I’d connect two topical items with this video clip of one of my favourite movie scenes.

The first item is that on 15th February next year the legendary composer Ennio Morricone will be conducting a concert of his music in Dublin. Moricone’s 90th birthday was on 10th November 2018.

The other thing is that the UK Parliament is currently debating the terms of Brexit. It seems that there are now only three options: accept Theresa May’s ugly Withdrawal Agreement, reject it and suffer a bad `No Deal’ Brexit or take the sensible, good choice of withdrawing Article 50, admitting it was all a terrible idea in the first place, and remaining in the European Union.

So here we are then, the climactic final shoot-out from Sergio Leone’s famous Spaghetti Western The Good The Bad And The Ugly, featuring Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach and Lee Van Cleef respectively, together with superb (and very complex) music on the soundtrack from Morricone. We all know who wins in the end, at least in the film.

P.S. Hats off to the guitarist Alessandro Alessandroni (who also did the whistling on the soundtrack) producing that unforgettable twangy sound with a hint of scordatura


2 Responses to “The Final Shootout”

  1. The Good = Withdrawing Article 50

    The Bad = Rejecting Brexit and suffering a bad No-Deal Brexit

    The Ugly = Accepting Theresa May’s ugly Withdrawal Agreement

    • Anton Garrett Says:

      It is certainly a nice concatenation (without committing to your choice) to run from Morricone to this famous 3-way shootout for which he wrote the music, then to the three outcomes of the Brexit issue.

      Clint knows that Tuco’s gun is unloaded and that he (Clint) need only keep eyes on Lee van Cleef. You can see this if you know what to watch for. The scene was clearly inspired by the equally good 3-way confrontation (and music) that concluded the film’s precedessor, For A Few Dollars More. Lee van Cleef made a non-speaking debut as one of the thugs waiting for the train in the famous montage scene which precedes the shootout in High Noon.

      This concert of great music from the Westerns early this year featured plenty of Morricone music:

      Of course Morricone wrote other stuff too – I remember his fine theme for the TV series about Lloyd George.

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