Bill Bonnor on Cosmology with Negative Mass

My post from Friday about negative mass in cosmology reminded me of my days at Queen Mary and discussions I had at that time with Bill Bonnor, who retired in 1985 but was a regular visitor to the weekly Relativity Seminars. I was sad to discover just now that Bill actually passed away in 2015 (at the age of 94) so I thought I would post a little note as a short tribute.

Bill Bonnor was an old-school mathematical relativist, which I definitely am not, but I recall talking to him quite a lot in the coffee room because we had a shared interest in gambling games. He had a liking for the fixed-odds competition in the football pools, which he played with considerable success.

Anyway, Bill Bonnor published a paper in 1989 about Negative Mass in General Relativity. It’s not all about cosmological implications of negative mass, but I’ve just typed up a quick summary. In fact I used some of this in a university examination question many moons ago!

Before reading this, you might wish to look up active the terms gravitational mass, passive gravitational mass, inertial mass and equivalence principle, which you can find discussed here (for example).

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