Abstract Whiteboard No. 2

Before going home for the weekend I thought I’d share this work (300cm × 120cm, marker on whiteboard) by a relatively unknown Anglo-Irish artist currently based in the Maynooth area who wishes to remain anonymous.

Despite the somewhat stochastic form of the composition and the unusual choice of medium I think this work speaks for itself, but I’d just like to comment* that, with regard to the issue of content, the disjunctive perturbation of the spatial relationships resonates within the distinctive formal juxtapositions. Moreover, the aura of the figurative-narrative line-space matrix threatens to penetrate a participation in the critical dialogue of the 90s. Note also that the iconicity of the purity of line brings within the realm of discourse the remarkable and unconventional handling of light. As a final remark I’ll point out that the presence of a bottle of whiteboard cleaner to the bottom right of the work symbolizes the ephemeral nature of art and in so doing causes the viewer to reflect on the transience of human existence.

*These notes may or may not have been generated with the help of an online Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator.

11 Responses to “Abstract Whiteboard No. 2”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Even judged as art (rather than physics) it’s better than Jackson Pollock & co!

  2. telescoper Says:

    There is one.

  3. Errrmm. OK, either my eyesight has deteriorated even more than I thought or my browser (Chrome) is unsettlingly limiting my commenting options — probably for my own good — but either way I do not see a “like” button for comments.

  4. Sandra De Weirdt Says:

    Hahaha, you are so funny ! The updates on the library cat are wonderful too :-)))

  5. That’s the companion piece to Picabia’s ‘Cacodylic Eye’…

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