Slugs for Salt!

This little cartoon has been doing the rounds on social media recently. It appears to have caused some controversy, so naturally I decided to share it here.

I’m posting it without further comment, though of course any persons wishing to identify as slugs are free to do so.


7 Responses to “Slugs for Salt!”

  1. Pardon my French, but I do not get it…

  2. Is this about social media promoting self harm?

  3. “Prediction is difficult…” . Yes, well, I remember Peter predicting a few months ago : ” very nasty things are going to happen very soon”. And how right he was. I can imagine John Cleese becoming PM anytime now …

    • I love John Cleese’s humor. Of course someone with such a sense of ridicule must have an anarchic streak, and it seems his is an old one. It started with him not being made a prefect in his high school or so … he’ll probably always have something to rebel against. On the other hand, being a Belgian who has lived and worked in Birmingham for a few years in the nineties, I am so aghast at what’s happening over there that I can’t afford any smileys.

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