Slugs for Salt!

This little cartoon has been doing the rounds on social media recently. It appears to have caused some controversy, so naturally I decided to share it here.

I’m posting it without further comment, though of course any persons wishing to identify as slugs are free to do so.

8 Responses to “Slugs for Salt!”

  1. Pardon my French, but I do not get it…

  2. Is this about social media promoting self harm?

  3. “Prediction is difficult…” . Yes, well, I remember Peter predicting a few months ago : ” very nasty things are going to happen very soon”. And how right he was. I can imagine John Cleese becoming PM anytime now …

    • I don’t see any smileys. A character played by John Cleese as PM? Actually, I would prefer Basil Fawlty to Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, or whomever. John Cleese as a person? He is apparently a Brexit supporter. However, he is moving to the Caribbean, not 10 Downing street. (Interestingly, he sponsored a “don’t mention the war” essay contest where the winner spent a few weeks with a gay barber in Berlin or whatever in an attempt to defuse wrong ideas about other countries which are common in the UK. Of course, one can oppose the EU without being stupid (Norway or Switzerland, say), but his reasons for Brexit are the typical “I don’t want to be governed by EU bureaucrats” bullshit. Having spent a lot of time abroad, he seems far from a xenophobe. Not all Brexiteers are xenophobic.)

      • I love John Cleese’s humor. Of course someone with such a sense of ridicule must have an anarchic streak, and it seems his is an old one. It started with him not being made a prefect in his high school or so … he’ll probably always have something to rebel against. On the other hand, being a Belgian who has lived and worked in Birmingham for a few years in the nineties, I am so aghast at what’s happening over there that I can’t afford any smileys.

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