BBC Broadcaster John Humphrys: Ireland Should Join With The UK Outside The EU

There’s been a lot of comment about this performance from John Humphrys. Let’s just say that I’ve got nothing against his family but I think he should retire and spend more time with them.

UPDATE: I think Mr Humphrys has got the message!


The British journalist John Humphrys has a reputation for occasionally allowing his right-wing instincts to filter into his broadcasting but never has this been truer than in this fact-free interview with a remarkably patient Helen McEntee, our own Minister of State for European Affairs, when the BBC Today presenter puts forward the claim that there is an argument for Ireland to leave the European Union and “throw in their lot” with the United Kingdom.

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4 Responses to “BBC Broadcaster John Humphrys: Ireland Should Join With The UK Outside The EU”

  1. Hamish Johnston Says:

    I think it is difficult for someone of Humphry’s generation to understand that Brexit has fundamentally changed the relationship between the UK and Ireland. When Humphrys was a young man, the UK had the upper hand. Then in the era of the EU, the two countries became equals. But now, thanks to its strong economy and EU membership, Ireland is more powerful — much to the astonishment of many in Britain.

  2. Its an opinion which has been expressed by others and hence not unreasonable for Humphrys to raise it (and for it to be dismissed). I don’t know if it also reflects his personal opinion, but provided he doesn’t let his personal opinions interfere with or influence his job then there is no reason for him to retire.

  3. I am truly astonished at some of the opinions expressed in the media and the ignorance of MPs and broadcasters about Irish history, and UK-Irish relations.

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