Banging the drum for ESO

It was a pleasure to welcome Rob Ivison, Director of Science at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) , to Maynooth this afternoon for a colloquium.

I was on my best behaviour introducing his talk and even refrained from pointing out that his native Lancashire is actually in the Midlands.

Ireland became a full member of ESO earlier this year and Rob has been touring Ireland giving talks to encourage Irish astronomers to make the most of the many opportunities membership presents. Having already visited Cork and Galway he passed through Maynooth today before ending up in Dublin tomorrow.

It was an enjoyable and impressive talk and very nice to chat with Rob afterwards over dinner.

Bon voyage to Rob and thanks for the visit!

4 Responses to “Banging the drum for ESO”

  1. Simon Kemp Says:

    Hi to Rob. He was a fellow observer on my first observing trip in 1989 at the INT, along with our PhD supervisors John Meaburn and Mike Bode, and it’s always been a pleasure to bump in to him from time to time, even if only virtually.

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    Lancashire is actually in the doldrums. But we’ll be back in division 1 by the end of September if the yoyo effect continues.

  3. Robert Ivison Says:

    Sincere thanks for looking after a humble Midlander, Peter. A pleasure to chat cricket and wotnot, and to gaze upon The Beard, obvs.

  4. Phillip Helbig Says:

    One of my funniest experiences at a conference ever involves Rob, but I don’t think he remembers.

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