New Publication at the Open Journal of Astrophysics!

It’s nice to be able to announce that the Open Journal of Astrophysics has just published another paper. Here it is!

It’s by Ben Maughan of the University of Bristol (UK) and Thomas Reiprich of the University of Bonn (Germany). You can find the accepted version on the arXiv here.

This is the first paper we have published in the section called High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena.

Thanks to the Editor and referees for dealing with this one so efficiently!

We have a few other papers coming up for publication soon, and some have been sent back to authors for revise and resubmit so we will almost certainly have further announcements to make soon.


P.S. Nobody spotted that I put the wrong DOI on the front page. I did that deliberately to see who was paying attention. Anyway, I’ve now put the right one on.

2 Responses to “New Publication at the Open Journal of Astrophysics!”

  1. The last sentence (just before the references) needs the attention of a TeXpert, but otherwise it looks OK.

    Fig. 4 reminds me, though, of a question I’ve had for a while: Who started the trend of plotting contours with constant shades of a colour, or different colours, between the contours? This has no more information than just the contours (except that one knows the direction of the gradient, which is usually not an issue, though). Why not indicate the actual value by a colour, and have the contours in addition? Even a grey-scale plot would thus contain more information than such a colour plot.

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