What a difference a year makes

All this week we’ve seen very nice sunny weather in Maynooth, with temperatures reaching around 16 degrees (which is unusually high for February). This is in remarkable contrast with this time last year, when Ireland was facing the Beast from the East. The roads were blocked, the airports were closed, people were panic-buying bread, and the scene on campus was this:

It’s not been quite as warm here as it has been in England and Wales, where temperatures have exceeded  20°C, but it’s still been very pleasant – apart, perhaps, from being a bit warm in the computer laboratory.

One can’t help thinking, though, that there’s something disconcerting about this weather. It’s almost as if the climate might be changing or something like that.

3 Responses to “What a difference a year makes”

  1. George Jones Says:

    “in England and Wales, where temperatures have exceeded 20°C”

    Here, too, the magnitude of T was greater than 20°C. When I left my house this morning for my prework 20-minute walk to the coffee shop, the temperature was -22°C.

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    Roman warm period, mediaeval warm period, little ice age… climate changes all the time!

    • Après toi, le déluge. 😦

      Seriously, your comment is akin to saying, after a couple of hundred people have been killed in a terrorist attack, “Big deal; people die every day”.

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