To Like and to Like not

Travelling today, I was reminded that exactly a week ago, WordPress sent me this notification:

I was a bit surprised, to be honest, as that I posted a St David’s Day poem and usually when I post poetry the traffic goes down. Last Friday however it seems all my St David’s Day poetry posts going back years attracted traffic (and ‘likes’), so I was quite pleased.

Some time ago a senior astronomer emailed me to say that he thought that, for a science blog, there was far to much other stuff for his liking. Other stuff presumably including poetry, music, sport and the rest.

Anyway my response was that this isn’t really a science blog. It’s just a personal blog written by someone who happens to be a scientist. I post about science fairly often but I wouldn’t enjoy blogging half as much if I only covered that.

Some people have asked me why I post poetry and music and the rest. The answer is simple: to share things I enjoy. If just one person were to discover a poem they like by reading it here then it makes it all worthwhile!

10 Responses to “To Like and to Like not”

  1. I confess that I’m not particularly interested in your posts about poetry and jazz. But I would certainly never have the effrontery to say that you shouldn’t post them!

    The eclecticism of this blog is one of its great strengths. I read the (many) posts on the subjects I am interested in, and not the ones that I’m not. I assume others do the same. You probably have plenty of readers who are not interested in cryptic crosswords, for instance, but I’m always happy to read more on this subject.

    • I agree with Ted (in general, though our likes and dislikes are probably slightly different). I’m also glad that it is still going strong! Ted’s blog, I think, was given up for Twitter or whatever, and Andy Lawrence’s enjoyable blog suffered a similar fate.

      • Ted Bunn Says:

        Mine was given up for nothing, I’m sorry to say. Or perhaps it’s fairer to say that it was given up to annoying administrative duties, which is how I seem to spend my time these days. Two more years as department chair, and then I get to return to the aspects of my job that I like.

  2. Bryn Jones Says:

    What does “like” mean in this context? Does it mean reactions on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and other platforms combined?

  3. Simon Kemp Says:

    I imagine the Glamorgan posts weren’t particularly popular, though I always did my best to raise their average number of comments (to above some of the batting averages of Glamorgan’s players).

  4. Your jazz postings are among the most interesting to my ignorant self.

    We share many of the same scientific (very amateur in my case) and classical music and poetic interests, so I’m inclined to trust your taste and enthusiasms when you go beyond what I know well.

    Please continue! It’s enjoyable to learn from a human who is more than a caffeine-powered machine for producing papers. Cricket, whatnot, likewise.

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