Spring Equinox in the Ancient Irish Calendar | 20 March 2019

I’m sharing this interesting post with a quick reminder that the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere occurs today, 20th March 2019, at 21:58 GMT.

Stair na hÉireann | History of Ireland

Equinox is the date (or moment) some astronomical alignments in Ireland mark as being auspicious. Not many, mind you, but some, like the cairn on Loughcrew or the two passages of Knowth, a sort of super-alignment with quadruple significance. Though the actual alignment of Knowth is disputed, it might be a lunar alignment or not an alignment at all.
The equinox is far less obvious an astronomical event than the two solstices, celebrated in Ireland and also the subject of astronomical alignments. It is like the equinox, which occurs in-between the winter solstice and the summer solstice, and vice versa, twice a year. However, it is just one event, as the spring and autumn equinox happens at different dates, but are for all intents and purposes identical events.
Taking place around 20th March and 22nd September, the equinox is the moment when the plane of the Earth’s equator passes…

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One Response to “Spring Equinox in the Ancient Irish Calendar | 20 March 2019”

  1. delta747 Says:

    Spring equinox is important in Indian culture also. In Sanskrut (Sanskrit is wrong spelling) spring equinox is called Vasant sampat bindu – bindu means point. In India the year is divided in six seasons, namely Vasant, Grishma, Varsha, Sharad, Hemant and Shishir. Vasant starts from Vasant sampat bindu. After first three seasons we meet the autumnl equinox, in Sanskrut it is called Sharad sampat bindu and marks the beginning of Sharad season.

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