A challenge in the dark

Answers through the Comments Box please..

38 Responses to “A challenge in the dark”

  1. No deal brexit

  2. Tower of Brexit

  3. Michel C. Says:

    A sad story.

    It is a matter of human perception and conventions.

  4. Michel C. Says:

    To make a parallel with the set theory, I think we should separate sets and subsets to avoid any contradiction. Thus, you couldn’t say the set of all sets having characteristic Z but you should say the set of all subsets having the characteristic Z. The set cannot be considered as a subset of itself but you may still considered the set to be a subset of a larger set. Maybe it is a better convention…

    • Michel C. Says:

      I feel a bit stupid because it has already been included in the contemporary theory to solve Russell’s paradox…

  5. RGO

  6. Won’t wake up.

  7. Peter Wood Says:

    The Conservative Part-ies

  8. toffeenose16 Says:

    Trump is President.

  9. Referee number three.

  10. telescoper Says:

    But her emails…

  11. Fabrizio Leisen Says:

    Brexit means Brexit

  12. Too late. Bugger.
    Light Box broken.

  13. FCC is approved

  14. Anton Garrett Says:

    Knowing we die.

  15. Anton Garrett Says:

    My team relegated.

  16. telescoper Says:

    Rain stopped play.

  17. Anton Garrett Says:

    Goldbach’s conjecture true


    Goldbach’s conjecture false

    depending on your views on number theory.

  18. Tests? What tests?

  19. Debt doesn’t matter.

  20. telescoper Says:

    Submitted to vixra.

  21. Anton Garrett Says:

    Not enough lifeboats.

  22. Anton Garrett Says:

    World War Three.

  23. Anton Garrett Says:

    “Do it yourself!”

  24. Manuscript not approved

  25. Wishes aren’t horses

  26. Anton Garrett Says:

    Sentenced to death.

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