Does it move for you?

I’ve posted a couple of items like this before. It’s a static image that is supposed to appear to move in some sort of swirly fashion when you look at it. All it does for me is give me a headache. Does it move for you?

8 Responses to “Does it move for you?”

  1. Not when I look directly at it. But if it’s just at the edges of my vision (e.g. when reading your actual text) it swirls a bit.

  2. Same as Steve. Swirls for my peripheral vision.

  3. George Williams Says:

    I just noticed that if I scroll down a bit, so that the top third is covered, it does seem to be trying to rotate clockwise. The full image just seems a bit jittery.

  4. telescoper Says:

    Oh! On my big monitor screen it does rotate…

  5. Like quantum thing. It’s movement depends on how we observe it:P

    • … or like mimetic matter where the scale factor in general relativity is isolated in a covariant way where it can be traded for a scalar field representing the time coordinate! This innocent looking modification can have drastic consequences on cosmology: in particular, geometric invariants of this scalar field are claimed to mimic dark matter without the need for new particles

      Interestingly this mimetic field may be a consequence of the volume quantization of compact three dimensional foliations of space-time. (disclaimer: mimetic gravity has been studied mostly in the context of cosmology and black holes up to now and its authors don’t claim to model galaxy rotation curves with mimetic gravity)

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