The 1919 Eclipse: That Was The Talk That Was…

Well, I did my talk this afternoon to mark the centenary of the 1919 Eclipse Experiment that was performed on May 29th 1919. It’s a good job we changed the venue to a bigger lecture theatre than originally booked because even the new one was full! Thanks to everyone who came, and I hope you enjoyed the talk!

Anyway, here are the slides if you’d like to see them:

Here is a picture of me about to start:

Now that the centenary has passed I promise to post a bit less about this topic, although there are still a few things coming up that I might mention…

3 Responses to “The 1919 Eclipse: That Was The Talk That Was…”

  1. Glad you had a full house. The eclipse was a revolutionary event.

  2. Dark Energy Says:

    “” .. Supreme God is a Being Eternal ..”
    Newton was a religious man and thought that light rays are at least straight.

  3. Sorry I missed it! Heard 4 excellent talks here in Paris, by Daniel Kennefick, Jeffry Crelinsten, Gerry Gilmore and David Valls-Gabaud. I like when different speakers give different perspectives on the same topic!

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