Hello Helsinki!

This picture will show you that I am not in Maynooth…

In fact I am in Helsinki. Here is a better picture of the splendid Cathedral behind me in the selfie.

The Cathedral is Lutheran by the way. I’m not sure Luther was into cathedrals, but there you go..

It’s about a three hour direct flight from Dublin to Helsinki via Finnair (and a two hour time difference) but all went according to plan. I also found my accommodation without difficulty: it seems comfortable enough.

I took a long walk around this afternoon because the weather is lovely and I wanted to stretch my legs after the flight. It’s a very pleasant city for a stroll, with lots of public spaces and plenty of places to stop for a coffee or something stronger.

All that done, it’s time for dinner!

The reason for being here, by the way, is the annual Euclid Consortium meeting but enough of that tomorrow..

One Response to “Hello Helsinki!”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Luther’s aim was to return the church to the ways of the New Testament, but he didn’t return to the structure of many episkopoi per congregation (eg, Acts 20:28) rather than vice-versa, so he would have been at home with protestant cathedrals. Some rulers of the more northerly Germanic States became protestant (whether out of conviction or to seize church lands for themselves), and bishops who declared support for Luther’s doctrines would have occupied cathedrals in those lands during Luther’s lifetime.

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