Glamorgan Top!

As a bit of light relief over the last few days I’ve been following (via the internet) the progress of Glamorgan’s match against Northamptonshire in Division 2 of the County Championship. The match started on Sunday and Northants, batting first, were bowled out for 209, with Marchant de Lange taking six wickets. In reply Glamorgan were struggling at 120-5 on Day 2 but managed a superb recovery, ending up scoring 547 thanks to a double-century from Billy Root. Most of yesterday was lost to rain, but this afternoon Glamorgan managed to bowl out Northants for 195, winning the match by an innings and 143.

Glamorgan are so far unbeaten and stand at the top of the Table:

This is almost certainly temporary as most of the other games in the current round started on Monday and won’t finish until tomorrow but I couldn’t resist posting the current standings, as the situation is so different from last year!

6 Responses to “Glamorgan Top!”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Yes I saw that! Lancs have let the game against Leicestershire slip, and unless Leics’ last two wickets fall very promptly then they will save the follow-on and the game will inevitably be drawn.

    • telescoper Says:

      Well, it looks like Leicestershire folded and are indeed following on. They will need to bat all day tomorrow for a draw.

  2. Simon Kemp Says:

    Well Lancashire already have enogh bonus points to go ahead of Glamorgan, and Derbyshire will if they beat Durham, but they’ll be no worse than 3rd, and there are three teams promoted this season.

    It’s been quite a turnaround this season. The three new batsmen brought in have all done well (I’ve lost count of how many hundreds Billy Root has scored), Douthwaite signed from Cardiff Universities seems like a young Botham, they are rotating the fast bowlers who are more or less injury-free, and de Lange seems to be a quite effective spearhead this year. Cullen has effectively replaced the injured Cooke as wicketkeeper-batsman. Only the spinners haven’t really got a look in, with only the part-time Labuschage being used normally, though one of Salter or Bull will probably play at Swansea.

    • telescoper Says:

      I think the BBC only update the table when matches are over. Cricinfo have already given Lancashire their bonus points so their table has Lancs top on 80 (and they’ll probably get another 16)

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        Three go up this season and only two go down, in order to restore parity between the divisions, so Glamorgan have an excellent chance if they keep this up.

  3. Simon Kemp Says:

    Well Derbyshire lost and Lancs drew so Glamorgan are looking good in 2nd place, 11 points behind Lancs.

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