The Congress of Helsinki

After yesterday’s murky and rainy start, it’s lovely weather this morning in Helsinki as I get ready to leave my hotel for the conference venue. It took me a while yesterday to find the way in, but I succeeded in the end to find a promising opportunity through the rear entrance.

After close of play yesterday the conference participants adjourned to the City Hall (which is about a 30 minute walk from Finlandia Hall) for a reception hosted by the civic authorities which was nice.

There was time afterwards to have a drink in a bar overlooking the harbour too. Drinks are rather expensive here – as are most things, apparently – but Helsinki is definitely a very livable city, nice to walk around but also with very good public transport.

I’ve been here a couple of times before, though not recently. The last time I was here was just for a couple of days, on a Scandinavian funding panel, which was very hard work, so didn’t get the chance to see the City at all so it’s nice to be able to wander around a bit.

It’s light until very late and gets light again very early at this time of year in Helsinki, which gave me a bit of trouble sleeping the first night I was here but I slept well last night and managed not to wake up until 6am (local time).

Oh, and it was my birthday yesterday too.

3 Responses to “The Congress of Helsinki”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Nice city but a bit cold and dark in winter, I’d say…

  2. Age improves with wine…many happy returns! 🙂

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