Why we need Pride

This month is LGBT Pride Month and this year I am looking forward to attending my first ever Dublin Pride.

I do occasionally encounter heterosexual people who trot out the tedious `when is it Straight Pride?’ in much the same way as much the same people ask when is it `International Men’s Day’?

Well, have a look at this picture and read the accompanying story and ask yourself when have you ever been beaten up because of your sexual orientation?

It seems heterosexual privilege comes with blinkers in the same way that male privilege and white privilege do. Anything that threatens this sense of entitlement is to be countered to be countered, with violence if necessary. The above example is an extreme manifestation of this. The yobs on that night bus apparently think that lesbians only exist for the amusement of straight men. When the two women refused to comply, they were attacked. This is however, an attitude that reveals itself in a whole spectrum of behaviours, including the bone-headed dismissal of any attempt to encourage diversity of any form in any environment.

4 Responses to “Why we need Pride”

  1. I honestly read about this horrible thing and it just makes me sick to my stomach that there are so many evil people out there and as a POC lesbian in the lgbtq community can be scary but we will not go back and let those homophobia pricks win. And this is why I love attending pride and expressing who I am and everyone else should to because standing up for ourselves can be scary but it is also bravery as well.

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    This is a disgraceful assault and the full force of the law should be deployed against its perpetrators.

  3. Reblogged this on Symptoms Of The Universe and commented:
    Peter Coles on just why the idea of “Straight Pride” is such a pathetic notion. Despite all their interminable whining about snowflakes, there is nothing quite as fragile, delicate, and insecure as those who rail against diversity at any available opportunity.

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