While Tories distract us with Brexit, the NHS has just slipped out its first price list for treatments

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Pride's Purge

Please don’t say you weren’t warned.

Because you’ve been warned time and time and time again the Tories are stealthily privatising the NHS.

This doesn’t mean just handing over hospitals and NHS services to private firms.

It means stealthily introducing actual charges to NHS patients at point of need.

This is all totally ignored by the mainstream press of course.

NHS trusts are now so confident they’ll get away with it, they are openly publishing the very first price lists since the formation of the NHS – for NHS operations, NHS procedures and NHS consultations (see here):

nhs charges 1

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7 Responses to “While Tories distract us with Brexit, the NHS has just slipped out its first price list for treatments”

  1. Phillip Helbig Says:

    While I believe that all medical costs should be covered by public insurance, I also believe that procedures which are not medically necessary (breast implants, for example) should be paid privately with no involvement of the public insurance. (I even think that physicians on the payroll of the NHS should not perform such privately paid stuff.) The list seems to be a mixture. So while it is a huge scandal that the NHS plans to charge for medically necessary stuff, I am also outraged that it apparently paid for cosmetic surgery in the past (not plastic surgery after a car accident, say, but body modification for esthetic reasons).

    By the way, shouldn’t circumcision be forbidden, except in extremely rare cases where it is medically necessary?

  2. John Peacock Says:

    Philip: your comment sounds superficially reasonable, but bear in mind that NHS staff time is a zero-sum game. The waiting lists are so long because there are only a limited number of surgeon-hours in the week. These elective procedures reduce this supply still further. So in a way this is the same scandal as private medicine, where consultants treat fewer NHS patients than they might in order to go off and treat paying queue-jumpers (full disclosure: I did jump the queue on one occasion – I felt both guilty and angry that the long waiting lists pushed me into doing so). But the best that can be said for private medicine is that they build separate clinics. What’s going on here is that NHS beds will be filled with paying customers, even though they don’t have enough beds to admit people who are currently being left to rot on trolleys in A+E.

  3. Journeying John Says:

    Tories: Putting the N into cuts since 1979…
    Doesn’t add anything it’s just how I feel as we approach the cliff they’re going to drive us over. If only I had Non UK heritage within 2 generations…

  4. Dark Energy Says:

    The Tory leaders are mostly illegitimate descendants of royals.
    The labour leaders on the other hand are mostly are illegals who crossed the channel. The entire politics of UK is simply illegals vs. illegitimates. Not sure whom to support.

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