Margaret Skinnider – in her own words

A few weeks ago, occasioned by a stroll around St Stephen’s Green in Dublin, I put up a post that included the the remarkable story of Margaret Skinnider.

Before the 1916 Easter Rising Margaret Skinnider was a school teacher. During the hostilities she initially acted as a scout and a runner, carrying messages to and from the GPO, but when given the chance she proved herself a crack shot with a rifle and showed conspicuous courage during the heavy fighting in and around St Stephen’s Green. In particular, on 27th April she lead a squad of men in an extremely dangerous mission against a British machine gun position, during which she was hit three times by rifle bullets and very badly wounded.

Anyway, I found this fascinating recording of Margaret Skinnider herself telling the story of her part in the 1916 Easter Rising.

After the War of Independence and the subsequent Civil War were over, Margaret Skinnider returned to her career as a primary school teacher. She died in 1971.

One Response to “Margaret Skinnider – in her own words”

  1. Dark Energy Says:

    Unrelated but probably not completely different stories
    can be found in pages of Indian history.
    We had to read her story in history lessons.

    Of course, the more well known story is of queen of Jhansi.
    Now immortalised in a bollywood movie.

    But there are so many others, who remains unknown.

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