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Arkle Bar and Restaurant

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A colleague of mine recently received this invitation (which I have subtly anonymized) to the official opening of the Arkle Bar & Restaurant in Maynooth. I presume this is named after the famous steeplechaser of the same name who was born up the road from Maynooth in County Meath. Given the equine connection it’s quite disappointing to see the word `horse’ spelt incorrectly on the invitation, though to be honest I’d probably just go for the champagne anyway as I’ve never really been keen on doeuvres.

Work in Progress

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It was less than a year ago that I posted this photograph of a sign I saw by the Kilcock Road on my way into work in the Science Building at Maynooth University.

It was a planning notice that started the process of constructing extra buildings to accommodate various new teaching and study spaces on campus.

By way of an update, here are a couple of pictures taken near that location this morning that show how things have progressed.

Although I had some experience of this kind of construction project from Sussex days I’m not really au fait with the technicalities. The main work being done so far seems to be preparatory: levelling the ground, laying drains and sewers, adding pipes for communications cables, changing the road layout and so on. They call this `readying work’. There’s no sign of actual buildings going up yet, but that is to be expected. Using modern building techniques construction of the actual edifice can be very rapid once the groundwork is done.

I’m in the building on the right of the photograph with the mechanical digger in it, so I was a bit worried that all this would lead to an intolerable amount of noise but it’s actually not too bad. The main inconvenience is for people with cars, since a road has been closed for this work, but I walk into campus so it doesn’t affect me directly.

When it’s all done the new building should look like this:

The University’s News item about this project can be read here.

I’ll post further updates when there’s more to report!