Research Evaluation

I get quite a few of these spam invitations to fake academic conferences, but I have never had one before with such an obviously back-handed compliment about the quality of my research!

5 Responses to “Research Evaluation”

  1. Sometimes, such “conferences” and similarly organized “journals” are deemed “predatory”, as if scamming innocent researchers out of money. This undoubtedly happens, but anyone who publishes with such a journal, or attends such a conferences, doesn’t deserve any sort of academic position. A bigger problem is “publishing” with such journals to inflate one’s list of publications; there are recorded cases of people with jobs at otherwise reasonably good institutes doing this, probably fully aware of the bogus nature of said journals, and being rewarded for it by an administration which can’t, or doesn’t want, to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  2. I expect that the conference and its proceedings will truly be all about recycled and reused waste.

  3. Israel Socratus Sadovnik Says:

    ” spam invitations to fake academic conferences” . . . . !

  4. Phillip Helbig Says:

    Check out which seems to host a huge number of conferences, most or all of which are probably fake. Note that they are usually (alway?) just two days, with a really long time between registration and the “conference”.

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