Upcoming conference in Ireland on the history of physics

Much as I dislike the word “upcoming”, it is my pleasure to reblog this announcement about a conference to be held at Trinity College next summer (June 17th to 19th). In particular the deadline for abstracts is only a month away (December 15th) so if you would like to contribute a talk you have until then to submit an abstract!


Just a quick post to highlight the fact that December 15th marks the deadline for submission of abstracts for the 4th International Conference on the History of Physics. The conference marks the fourth in a biennial series of meetings supported by the UK Institute of Physics and the European Physical Society that aim to bring together historians of science and physicists with an interest in the history of their subject and will take place at Trinity College Dublin on June 17th-19th. The website for the conference is here and previous iterations of the conference can be found here.


I have attended all three of the previous meetings of this conference series and they were most interesting. As the conference takes place in Ireland this time around, I have been heavily involved in the preparations, from chairing the scientific programming committee to attending regular meetings of the organizing committee…

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4 Responses to “Upcoming conference in Ireland on the history of physics”

  1. Tnx Peter! Given the closeness of the centenary, I expect there will be plenty of discussion of the 1919 eclipse results so don’t hesitate to bung in an abstract!

  2. Phillip: as stated on the website and the poster, a central topic will be the history of 20th century physics, from the world of the v small to the world of the v large

  3. Peter: that would be an excellent topic! It would also fit v nicely with a short talk I’m thinking of submitting on Hubble’s law

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