Mission (Almost) Accomplished

Well, it’s been a fairly intense couple of days in Munich with not much time for anything other than work but I think we’ve finished everything we were supposed to do. The authorities will shortly evict us from the offices up in which we have been cooped and I’ll have to take a short walk to the Terminal Building at Munich airport in order to catch my flight back to Dublin. This may take me through the Christmas Market which has appeared at Munich Airport, complete with skating rink:



I anticipate falling asleep on the flight back as I’m more than a little knackered.

UPDATE: My flight back from Munich with Aer Lingus was due back in Dublin at 21.50 last night so I should have missed the last airport hopper bus to Maynooth (which departs at 21.50). Fortunately the flight was 30 minutes ahead of schedule, so I got the bus I should have missed and was able to get home and to bed at a reasonable hour!




7 Responses to “Mission (Almost) Accomplished”

  1. Bryn Jones Says:

    I’m intrigued the venue is very close to the airport. A city centre location for a meeting, or one at a scientific centre such as Garching, would have been a more natural choice. From memory, the airport is a long way from the city centre.

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