Don’t mind me, I’m honing my toning

Trying to divert myself from thoughts of what the British electorate is about to do, I actually read one of the emails I get from WordPress. I found this:


I suddenly realized that I’ve been doing the blogging all wrong for the past 11 years. I should have been trying to cultivate and convey my online personality in order to humanize my brand as well establishing an emotional relationship with, and gaining the trust of, my visitors.

I’m by no means convinced that any of my visitors would want to have an emotional relationship with me, but I promise to try harder in future to hone my tone.

Even if I do all this, however, I still think I’ll struggle to achieve business growth, principally because I don’t have a business in the first place.


4 Responses to “Don’t mind me, I’m honing my toning”

  1. I would dispute that none of your visitors would want to connect on a personal level with you. I for one, find your biographical posts emotionally stimulating and as an lgbt identifying academic, they more often than not resonate quite deeply with me. Even in spite of the AI diagnosed ‘tonal deficit’ (which coming from a bot is rich) your posts come across as what they are: altogether human.

  2. Don’t put yourself down. Your business is the Universe. And it is expanding al the time (admitting that the percentage growth per year is quite small, and only just beats inflation).

    May I request that the cheque is in euros?

  3. […] markets, we need Rush’s “f**k you” spirit more than ever. For one thing, I share Peter Coles’ irritation at receiving missives from WordPress telling us how we should “hone your tone” and pitch our blogs so as to “humanize […]

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