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Goodbye UK

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Britain’s Prime Charlatan

Here I am on a Late Great Western train heading to this month’s Meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society in London and to pass the time I thought I’d have a go on the blog.

I’m not going to comment at length of the election results, except to say that the scale of the Conservative majority and corresponding Labour rout mean that the UK is heading for at least five years with the hard right in charge, and probably many more. That is if the United Kingdom exists five years from now, which is doubtful.

During this time the country of my birth will almost certainly turn itself into a Trumpian dystopia, with planned assaults on the National Health Service, the courts, and what remains of its threadbare constitution. Poverty and homelessness will continue to rise and the evil xenophobic rhetoric that helped win the election (as it did the 2016 Referendum) will make the environment of the UK even more hostile to anyone ‘foreign’.

That’s whats going to happen and that, apparently, is what people voted for. How anyone could vote for a party led by a person so palpably unsuitable for high office is beyond me. But that’s what people did. I hope they’re proud.

For myself, I’ll just say two things. One is that at least this Election Night made me feel young again. I relived all the horror of 1983.

The second is just that although Ireland is no paradise I’m glad I found a way out of the nightmare of Britain. Sorry if that sounds selfish but it’s the truth.

Goodbye UK.

P.S. My train is going to be at least an hour late. No chance of the railways being fixed in the next five years either.