16 Responses to “Un Poco Logo”

  1. Mike Peel Says:

    According to the email sent around: “Our new symbol takes its inspiration from several sources: the Society’s motto ‘Let whatever shines be observed’; the vision and discovery that characterises two centuries of study; and our work with both astronomers and geophysicists. Stepped spokes are repeated and rotated to form a symbol that can be interpreted in multiple ways – a stylised eye or planet with an orbiting moon – reflecting the many different sides of the Society’s work. It is turned 23.5 degrees to reflect the Earth’s angle of tilt from the plane of its orbit around the sun. We will continue to use a version of the legacy emblem, William Herschel’s telescope for certificates and medals.”

  2. Bryn Jones Says:

    The RAS sent a letter from Philip Diamond, the chief executive, yesterday explaining the new logo.

  3. I think the “spokes” are meant to be telescopes (rather than screwdrivers or syringes), some looking out from the Earth, some looking down on it.

  4. How to integrate QM in a logo?

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