Beethoven from Brexit Day

I may not have been able to attend the concert at the National Concert Hall in Dublin on Friday 31st January, but I did listen to it live on the Radio. Now you can experience the whole thing yourself via the Youtube recording of the live stream. The programme consisted of three pieces by Ludwig van Beethoven played by the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Leonard Slatkin:

  • The Consecration of the House Overture
  • Violin Concerto (soloist Stefan Jackiw)
  • Symphony No. 7

I very much enjoyed listening to the concert, especially the up-tempo finale of the Seventh Symphony. I gather there was a problem with the live stream that meant the sound wasn’t broadcast along with the pictures, but they’ve fixed it on the recording so now you can experience both sight and sound from the NCH:



6 Responses to “Beethoven from Brexit Day”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    The 7th is wonderful – better than the 9th I reckon, apart from the tearjerking slow movement of the latter (although the 7th’s funeral march slow movement runs it close). The Violin Concerto is absolutely lovely (I’ve heard it arranged for piano too). I don’t know that overture – interesting!

    December this year sees the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, and I hope to go to Eroica in Manchester on Thursday night (logistics mean I can’t quite be sure) and am booked for Fidelio at Covent Garden next month with Jonas Kaufmann as Florestan. Does anybody else think that the prisoners’ chorus O Welche Lust from this work is moving almost beyond compare?

    • telescoper Says:

      One thing I like about the performance of the 7th Symphony here is that the 2nd Movement is not especially funereal. The score is marked Allegretto, which (to me) means that it should be just a bit slower than the preceding and following movements but I find some performances take it way too slow.

      Incidentally, there is a Fidelio coming up in Dublin later this month too.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        Go to it! But listen to CDs or DVDs a bit beforehand if you don’t know it, to get the most out of it.

      • telescoper Says:

        I’ve seen it before, at WNO, but it wasn’t a good production.

        One of the unique things about Fidelio is that it has offers a choice of 4 different overtures…

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        If you are thinking of getting a DVD, the only one that isn’t a camera plonked in an opera house is the 1970 one with Gwyneth Jones as Leonora and Karl Boehm conducting. Musically it’s fine.

        Kenneth Clark included O Welche Lust in one of the best programmes in his TV series Civilisation. I found that series a mixed bag, but the better episodes were very fine indeed and this was one – including Napoleon, the French Revolution and Romanticism.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        This is the only previous production of Fidelio I’ve been to, but I wasn’t ready for it:

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