Life going on..

I’ve had the feeling that this blog is in danger of turning into some sort of plague diary so I thought I’d pass on a couple of examples of life going on. It’s not quite business as usual, but there’s no point in us sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves.

As it happens I came onto campus today, mainly to check on the Library Cat (who was absent from his post, but well provisioned with food) but also to check the Departmental mail. Somebody has to deal with the invoices, or at least the minority of them that don’t come electronically. In fact there were only two.

Anyway, as I walked through campus I saw the building work on the Kilcock Road site continuing apace. It can’t be difficult to practice social distancing at the top of one of those cranes:

The last picture I took of the construction site was on St Patrick’s Day (17th March), just nine days ago:

It’s from a different vantage point, but you can still see they’ve added quite a lot in the past week and a bit. You can also see how much the weather has improved. In fact the last few days have been lovely!

Another thing worth reporting on is that there’s been a notable uplift in submissions to the Open Journal of Astrophysics recently. It’s almost as if some people have got some time on their hands to write papers! I’ll do a separate post about a few developments on the OJA front in due course but, for the time being, I will just mention that as a fully online journal all our processes run remotely anyway so we are, and will remain, fully operational throughout the Coronavirus emergency.

Well, now I have to get my act together and activate another remote computational physics laboratory session. Fingers crossed!

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