Coronavirus in Ireland – the Latest!

Just a quick post to point out that I’ve set up a page on which I’m tracking the number of cases of Covid-19 in the Republic of Ireland.

I intend to keep the data on that page up to date as information is announced by the HSE and won’t do lots of updates as posts. I thought I’d show the latest figures here though.

The second (log-linear) plot is perhaps more informative. It shows some evidence of a flattening compared to an exponential curve. The plot in green is an exponential with a time constant of 3.5 days; it’s not a fit to the data, it’s just there to show what exponential growth would look like on such a plot (ie a straight line).

3 Responses to “Coronavirus in Ireland – the Latest!”

  1. Phillip Helbig Says:

    This sounds like good advice—dare I say sounds like sound advice—in Ireland or elsewhere:

    Hand to face is the critical path. Spray, rarely.

    Get into the habit of knowing where your hands are and be sure they are clean. (sanitizer)

    Wear a mask, not to protect you, but simply to avoid hand to face contact.

    You don’t need an N-95 mask. Anything will do. Give N-97 to your local hospital.

    Carry sanitizer with you when you go out.

    Be friendly and social, just stay 6′ away.

    Shrink your social circle. You don’t want to be in large groups.

    Go to the hospital only if you are short of breath. Headache, fever, muscle ache, cough – stay home.

    Course of the disease is 7 -14 days. Immunity then follows

  2. Phillip Helbig Says:

    Also interesting:

    Note how come countries have managed to flatten the curve much more than others.

    Two points. First, the Y-axis is number of deaths, not number of deaths per capita. When comparing two countries of different population, move the one with the larger population down and/or the one with the smaller population up. Second, the Y-axis is logarithmic.

  3. What about the sumo sutis, they keep us 2meteres apart and also we can have a little fun to loose. Up after this terrible virus

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