Astronomy Look-alikes No. 99

I’m aware that it has been some time since I posted one of my Astronomy Look-alikes but I received the following suggestion by email from an anonymous correspondent following a post earlier this week.

The email reads:

Have you noticed the striking resemblance between the well known blogger and observational cosmologist Ricky Tomlinson and the acclaimed actor and icon of working class manhood, Peter Coles?

Disturbingly, the latter has been seen recently impersonating Tomlinson in an on-line Maynooth University Computational Physics lecture.

My correspondent has obviously let social isolation get the better of him, because everyone knows that Ricky Tomlinson is a theoretical rather than observational cosmologist. Moreover, although he does look a little bit like me, I obviously look nothing like him.

Anyways, if you’ve got nothing better to do please feel free to send me further suggestions for the Astronomy Look-alikes folder!

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