R.I.P. Tim Brooke-Taylor (1940-2020)

More sad news arrived yesterday: comedy legend Tim Brooke-Taylor passed away with Covid-19 at the age of 79.

Together with Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor starred an The Goodies, a TV programme I loved and watched religiously as a kid. I remember when my whole class at came down with Gibbon-Mania when the trio reached Number One in the Hit Parade with The Funky Gibbon.

Later on I discovered the radio series I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue and was immediately hooked. Chaired by the incomparable Humphrey Lyttelton (front left in the picture) , the original four panellists given silly things to do were Tim Brooke-Taylor (behind Humph) , Barry Cryer (centre), Willie Rushton (front right) and Graeme Garden (right) . I listened regularly to that show until Humph passed away in 2008. It never seemed the same after that. Now only two of the original team are still with us; Willie Rushton died in 1996.

It seems this cruel virus is targeting an entire generation, cutting short so many lives of so many people who meant so much to us.

Sad days.

Rest in peace, Tim Brooke-Taylor (1940-2020)

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