The 5km Limit

Since the Covid-19 restrictions were imposed over a month ago I’ve been confined to within a 2km radius of my home.

Yesterday, however, the Taioseach Leo Varadkar announced that is being relaxed to a 5km limit. Eager to see what thrilling new horizons would unfold as a result of this announcement I checked on a phone app and found this:

Great. So now I can visit a little bit of Leixlip, a little bit of Celbridge, or an even smaller bit of Kilcock.

I can barely contain my excitement.

6 Responses to “The 5km Limit”

  1. Roger Butler Says:

    So now you can take a circular walk of 31.7 km plus 5 km each way to reach the perimeter. In Wales the cyclists have been going a bit crazy with long training rides. The Welsh government have n”w advised them to stay within 10 miles of their homes. That still allows for a circular ride of 63 miles plus 20 miles there and back. However I live on the coast so 50% of my circular route would be underwater and almost reach North Somerset.

  2. Peter Wood Says:

    I would be interested to know what app did you use? I have previously used my old OS software (Fugawi) to see how far from home I could cycle in Oxfordshire under your 2 km limit. I also checked out the Welsh 10 mile limit (although I couldn’t find it stated on any official website) and that would allow me to ride ~98% of the roads I normally ride.

  3. […] Anyway, looks like a quiet night in for New Year’s Eve (not that I mind that) and my horizon for January is back down to a 5km radius, although its centre has shifted a little as I have moved house since last time! […]

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