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Watch “Why the Universe is quite disappointing really – Episode 2” on YouTube

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Episode 2, in which I explain how stars limp along unimpressively, making very poor use of the resources available to them, not doing a very good job at what they’re supposed to be doing, and then they die.

Just like people really…

Gruber Prize 2020: Volker Springel & Lars Hernquist

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I’m delighted to be able to pass on the news released yesterday that the 2020 Gruber Prize for Cosmology has been awarded to Lars Hernquist (left) and Volker Springel (right) for their work on numerical simulations.

The citation reads:

The Gruber Foundation is pleased to present the 2020 Cosmology Prize to Lars Hernquist and Volker Springel for their transformative work on structure formation in the universe, and development of numerical algorithms and community codes further used by many other researchers to significantly advance the field. The contributions of Hernquist and Springel have led to profound insights spanning billions of years of cosmic evolution, including simulations of the growth of early density fluctuations through to present-day galaxies, the influence of galaxy mergers on star formation, and the close coevolution of supermassive black holes with their host galaxies.

I’ll just add that as well as being enormously influential in purely scientific terms both these scientists have contributed to the culture of open science through making codes (such as GADGET) freely available to the community.

Heartiest congratulations to Volker Springel and Lars Hernquist on their very well deserved award.