Exciting new changes at LGBTQ+ STEM

There are some changes at the LGBTQ+ Stem site. In particular they are looking for contributors for their new blog. See this post for details.


Alex Bond & Izzy Jayasinghe

It seems impossible to write about diversity, equity and inclusion, in STEM or in broader society, without thinking about the horrendous racism and police brutality going on in the US, or the impact of Covid-19 on BAME health care workers in the UK. STEM is political, and STEM is people. You simply cannot be for diversity in STEM and not angry, upset, or scarred right now. And that’s ok.

We’re announcing some changes for us as an organization, in what we do, and how we do it. Last November, we celebrated our 5th anniversary and we sought feedback about what folks would like to see from us in the years to come. The feedback has been incredibly helpful, and we’ll be rolling out some new things and addressing some of the issues raised to make us a better, more inclusive organization. We need to be…

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3 Responses to “Exciting new changes at LGBTQ+ STEM”

  1. Phillip Helbig Says:

    At first I thought that the name of one of the plaintiffs might be a pseudonym referring to a 1972 Jethro Tull album, but that appears to be not the case.

    • Phillip Helbig Says:

      Interestingly, it was a 6-3 decision, even though only four of the judges are generally seen as liberal, with the majority opinion being written by one of Trump’s two appointees (the other was one of the dissenters), this only shortly after Trump had revoked some LQBTQ-related executive orders from Obama.

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