And so it begins..

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  1. You want to see this for real ? Go to and view the evidence. Try to debunk this, Dr. Academia.

    • Anton Garrett Says:

      I am a theoretical physicist and an evangelical Christian. I’ve not come across the arguments at that website before and if you summarise one or two of them – being specific about the claims made – in your own words then I’ll gladly comment on them. They seem to be similar to arguments for ley lines which I saw disputed by archaeologists Tom Williamson and Liz Bellamy in their 1983 book Ley Lines In Question. They took a real map, highlighted the significant points, and counted the ley lines (running ‘close’ to three or more points). On the map they then shifted each significant point by a small distance (which would be greater than the size of a churchyard but short enough to maintain the geological setting of the site, on a scarp or in a valley). Then they constructed ley lines on this ‘shifted’ map. If ley lines are real, so that the actual significant points fall on them, there should be fewer lines on this ‘shifted’ map. But the number of lines did not differ significantly from the number connecting the real points. Is it anything like that?

      • Mr. Garrett, thank you very much for your inquiry. No this is not exactly like the ley-lines, but it is similar and related, though, the measurements here are exact, ” close aligns” are not enough, These findings show exactness. forgive my poor websites, the templates that wordpress offers limits my presentation, and I am not computer savy. I have another wordpress site,, but, that list all my findings in order of download, and so the case is not shown in it’s proper order. ( there are some pages on this site that is not on the other, though. Not all findings are posted as well, on either site). I’ll send this reply to you, and start another so as not to bombard you with a wall of words ( I wish this comment board could allow paragraphs)….. thanks again, Mr. Garrett. Be sure to view the case on this site, which is in somewhat order, just scroll down from the opening page….

      • (1) Mr. Garrett, and others, forgive this coming long-winded reply, I will try to break-it into small segments. These findings first started in 2013. For years before, I used to spend hours scanning ” Mars google map”, figuring that Mars is a lot older than Earth, and it used to have oceans, and that the odds state there was a small chance that life could of evolved ( by God’s doing) on Mars to an advanced state, and, if so, there would be visible traces of it, seen in the Mars map. I did find a few interesting things, but, nothing to warrant proof. This was in about 2005 or so, and I dropped the subject. The thing about the google Mars map, is that there was no latitude-longitude lines on the map. Then, in 2013, I was watching a show on ” weather in space”, and a scientist was being interviewed in his office, and he had a globe of Mars on his desk. This globe had the lat-long lines on it, and I saw that the famous triangle of volcanoes, called the Tharsis Volcanoes, was right on the equator, and it looked like the triangle was tilted at 45 degrees to the equator. I’m a carpenter, and I know what 45 degrees looks like, and I know the importance of the angle. This looked like intelligent design, and an advanced civilization would be able to make volcanoes. It was there where I told myself to get a Mercator Projection map of Mars ( because I figured that if this was a form of geometric communication using the landscape, “they” ( at this point, I did not realize this was God’s communication) would use a Mercator Projection map to tell the story, for it’s ability to deal in straight-lines and to take angle measurements ) and a basic drafting kit of a protractor, 30/60/90 and a 45/90 triangle, a ruler, a compass….

      • (2)…. and sure enough, it showed that all of the volcanoes on Planet Mars were positioned at basic, simple mathematical angles of a circle divided into equal parts, and so on. What was important, though, was finding out that when you draw the lines of the volcanoes that align at 180 degrees, and then continue the 45 degree pattern from the Tharsis volcanoes, it not only connects to another triangle of volcanoes, and a geological landmark, the pattern connects back to itself, whicht has equally divided the planet’s circumference into 5 equal parts ! This was the absolute mathematical proof of intelligence that I needed, and the world would need. Also, the large straight-line landmark canyon called Marineris Valles is aligned at a 15 degree angle, and it points to the Tharsis geometric and also to a mountain that is geometric-shaped like a ” homeplate” in baseball. I also need to say, that during this time of discovery, that God was showing me many little miracles. So I knew I had 2 stories to tell, one, the story of Mars ( which at the time I thought was an effort of an advanced civilization trying to communicate to other-world observers, and, seeing that Mars is a planet that died ( it’s iron-core cooled and stopped rotating, the magnetic field disappeared, a with it the Martian atmosphere and it’s oceans and surface water ) , I thought this making of volcanoes may have been an attempt to save the atmosphere, and possible re-heat it’s iron-core by sinking a nuclear melt-down devise, or something. And, I theororized that if it was a civilization trying to save it’s planet, they must have also decided to position the volcanoes and geo-form the terrain to make a ” we where here” sign, in case they failed. Now, with all the evidence on Earth and in the Stars, I am not sure of what happened with Mars. Anyways, I had two things to tell, the Mars story, and also the testimony of the miracles God showed me. At the time, I believed in God, but I thought all the religions where man-made, and that somehow these findings would dis-prove the world’s religions, wow, was I wrong….also strange, was, it was about a few months later I realized the date that I saw that the volcanoes unveiled it’s equation that divides the circumference into 5 equal parts ( the slam-dunk proof that this is intelligent communication) was on March 21-22, 2013, which is a mathematical, geometric date of the Spring Equinox… the thought that this pattern and form of communication would be seen on Earth and in the stars and Cosmos was beyond my imagination at this time…

      • (3) I will have to continue this story tommorrow, I’m at a library now, and they only give us an hour if they are not busy. Please view my websites to see the un-debunkable proof that unites all mankind…

      • (4) Back In. Thank You ” In The Dark” website for hosting this discussion ! Strange thing about the Mars volcanoes is that they have been a mystery to scientist, because Mars’ crust is many many times more thicker than Earth’s, they have trouble figuring how they came to be with such a thick crust. Now we know. The first visual clue that told me something may be going on in Earth was seeing the geological landmark, called, ” Combs Ridge” in a satellite map. This 90 degree North-South orientated angle-shaped feature in southern Utah got me to get a Mercator Projection map of Earth. And I asked myself, if there is a geological riddle on Earth, then I should expect to see the most famous landmarks we have to align at a basic math angle. And, naturally, the most obvious site to put the protractor radius is Easter Island, and see if it aligns with anything. At this time I was using an old-school hand-drawn map from an old atlas, and I saw Easter Island was 90 degrees below the Holy Mountains of the Native Americans, and 45 degrees from the western-most island of Hawaii, and 22.5 degrees from Macchu Picchu and the Holylands in the Middle East. It took me a while to realize 22.5 is half of 45. At this time I did not have a way to make precise measurements, so I mistakingly thought the 22.5 line also went through the Pyramids of Egypt. This mistake, though, helped pushed me to get more precise measurements taken by computer. My next step was also to get a satelite mercator projection map of Easter Island, because if this is what I thought it was, the designer of all this would shape Easter Island in some way. To my amazement, one can immediatly see the triangle shape of Easter/ Rapa Nui Island. And, it looked like a 45/90 triangle. So, I looked closer, looking for an exact alignment of geological features that make a 45/90 triangle. “close” aligns do not cut it, I wanted exact, and I knew science and the world would want exactness. Sure enough, using the little island at the westend of Easter Island as the starting point, I found the peninsulas of Easter Island not only making a 45/90 triangle, they also sit at 22.5 degrees to the equator ! This was the proof I needed. At this point, I could not help but think how ‘coincidential’ that Rapa Nui is known as ” the navel of the world”. And, that Easter Island was discovered Easter Sunday in 1722, and, that the island’s 45/90 is also a carpenter’s square. Also, reading the bible and New Testament, all the talk of ” measuring the Kingdom”, degrees, “crooked lines made straight”, ” pattern of the alter”, etc., that this was all done by God. So, for the next 6/7 years I have sent-out my findings and gathered more evidence to prove to the world that this is the work of God, and even though Jesus Christ is the center of this message, ( also see the pages on the aligns of the Miracle sites of the Virgin Mary), God has made all religious holy sites a part of His message. See the pages on the aligns of Buddha’s birthplace to Lhasa and onto the sea-floor geological feature at the same 18 degree angle. Also see how the Holy Mountains of the Dine’, Hopi, Zuni, Laguna, Jemez, and more Tribes are aligned perfectly from the intersect-point of the eastern-most peninsula of Easter Island, and the 180 degree line from an angled, arrow-shaped landmark. See the exactness of these geological aligns. See how the Holy Mountain Tsoodzil ( Mount Taylor) in New Mexico is not only on the 50 degree southeast line, it’s peaks and ridges are on the 50 degree line. See how this 50 degree line continues south to go right-over the Acoma Tribe ” Sky Pueblo “. See Chaco Canyon on the 36 degree line, see how it’s famous archeological feature ” Pueblo Bonito” is ON the 36 degree line. See how the geological features of Chaco Canyon are aligned mathematically. See how the Zuni Tribe pueblo is on the 80 degree line. See how the famous plaza of Mexico, constitution plaza is on the 63 degree ( the 9 degree increments is seen all over). See how the tiny island at the visual southern tip of the English Island is on the 10 degree line. On and on it goes. The Holy Mountains of China, Korea, everywhere is positioned in a simple/ basic mathematical way that all people can understand. Please view the over 300 pages of evidence that connects the people of the world at my websites. Be sure to view the maps of the stars, and see the basic math positions of the famous constellations, on their own, and to each other. See how this all tells a story, it is not just a bunch of math alignments, a story is told. go to and thank you for your interest. I am having trouble getting this story out to the world, I thought this website would go “viral”. I have been sending my findings to universities, famous science intstitutions, the medias, etc. for years now, but I can not get any press, nor will the internet algorithim list my findings with other similar subjects. Frustrating it is, the greatest discoveries of all time, and nobody cares or believes, or they suppress. This stuff can not be debunked, as you will see. Physical things in mathematical positions, over and over and over, (incalculable odds for this being chance) meets all of sciences requirements for proof. What we see here is similar to SETI looking for radio-blips in a mathematical order, as in prime-numbers. This is the same thing, instead of prime numbers, it’s mathematical angles, instead of radio-blips, it is famous, visual, geological landmarks and Holy Sites. And this form of communication is easier to understand by all, AND, it is a visual communication as well.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        I suggest that you write up your findings establishing what distribution of angles would be expected by natural processes, compare it with the distribution you find, and if there is statistically significant discrepancy then ask what agency could be responsible. Best of luck.

  2. Thank Mr. Garret for the comment. When you view the entire scope of evidence that spans the world, and how it is all connected at basic mathematical angles, on top of being geometrically aligned on it’s own, you will see this is far far beyond natural. Please view the evidence at to scroll down and see the evidence in order, or, at this connected site, except here, the pages are in order of the time I posted them. The case should be viewed on the site where it is in order…….All your questions are answered there. Sounds to me like you have not viewed the case.

  3. What is most interesting about God’s Riddles Of The Cosmos, on a sociological view, ( and what is also most frustrating), is it is also a kind of personality test that provides a great clue to the person’s thought process and character……for instance, will a person who is a called a scientist, when he/she is exposed to evidence (and it’s obvious conclusion), that is beyond their imagination, or, if it counters their thoughts on how things are, will they completely ignore the evidence, even refuse to look, or, give it just a passing glance, and then they make an immediate rejection ? This violates the foundation of what it means to be called a scientist, some fail, some do not.

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