R.I.P. Olivier Le Fèvre (1960-2020)

Olivier Le Fèvre (1960-2020)

The international cosmological community was deeply saddened last week to hear of the death on 25th June after a long illness of Olivier Le Fèvre. He was 59 years old.

Olivier was a specialist in astronomical spectroscopy and as such he made important contributions to cosmology through galaxy redshift surveys. He was Director of the Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille from 2004 to 2011. In latter years he was involved, among many other things, in the Euclid space mission.

You can find a full obituary and appreciation of Olivier’s life and work here. His funeral takes place this morning and there is an online book of condolence here to send messages of condolence and support to his family, friends and colleagues at this difficult time.

Rest in peace, Olivier Le Fèvre (1960-2020).

4 Responses to “R.I.P. Olivier Le Fèvre (1960-2020)”

  1. Phillip Helbig Says:

    “2 bloggers like this.”

    I realize the intent, but perhaps a more appropriate term than “like” is needed in such cases.

    • I share this concern about using like and more fundamentally the sadness for this loss.

      • telescoper Says:

        I don’t think anyone imagines that `like’ means that you like the fact that he’s passed away.

      • Phillip Helbig Says:


        The new Facebook “reactions” allow users to go beyond simply liking content. There are now six different emojis with which to react: like, love, haha, wow, sad or angry.

        This new function is fairly simple for users to work, they just hover over the old like button (or hold down the like button on mobile devices) and select their chosen reaction.

        This new range of reactions addresses a common complaint about the limitations of the old like button. To show support to a friend who is going through a tough time, “liking” their status seems inappropriate – other response options were needed.

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