But Beautiful – Tony Bennett & Bill Evans

I’m kicking myself for having forgotten that yesterday, August 3rd, was the 94th birthday of that great jazz singer Tony Bennett so I’m correcting that omission today by posting one of my favourite recordings of his, a tune written by the famous songwriting pair of Johnny Burke and Jimmy van Heusen, recorded in 1975 with Bill Evans on piano. When one of the greatest ever jazz singers gets together with one of the greatest ever jazz pianists, what could the result be But Beautiful?

Happy Birthday, Tony Bennett!

2 Responses to “But Beautiful – Tony Bennett & Bill Evans”

  1. I saw Tony Bennett at Glastonbury in 1998 in the mud. Absolutely amazing – he had the crowd in the palm of his hand. I realised then that the Glastonbury crowd just likes skill and quality – and is open to any style so long as it is good.
    Followed later in the afternoon by Bob Dylan, to a similar reception. A truly memorable day!

    • Phillip Helbig Says:

      I’ve never been to Glastonbury, but have been to Fairport Convention’s Cropredy Festival in north Oxfordshire 27 times. Fairport are a folk-rock band, and the usual suspects such as Steeleye Span and Lindisfarne (not from the Midlands) have played there, but also many young and (at least at the time) unknown artists. The range is wide, from unaccompanied Gaelic singing to Alice Cooper. Not long ago, Petula Clark was one of the main acts, and got a response probably similar to Bennett in Glastonbury.

      Favourite moment: Fairport’s bassist Dave Pegg (not an original member—Fairport went through lineups quickly in the old days, featuring the likes of Sandy Denny, Richard Thompson, and Dave Swarbrick—but in the band since 1970) and fellow Brummie Robert Plant (definitely from the Midlands) are in the crowd watching The Incredible String Band when a bloke taps Percy on the shoulder and says “Excuse me mate, could you take a picture of me with Peggy?” which Plant then did.

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