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Local Difficulties

Posted in Covid-19 with tags , , on August 9, 2020 by telescoper

This morning I checked on the Covid-19 tracker app and found that County Kildare is in second place behind Dublin for cases:

Today’s figure of 68 is down on yesterday’s (174) but still too high.

Anyway a couple of hours later I picked up my phone again and discovered that it was very hot and the battery almost flat. It turns out that a bug has emerged that causes some kind of runaway interaction between the Covid-19 tracker and Google Play Services on Android phones.

I tried some of the fixes suggested on social media but they didn’t work, so I have now uninstalled the app. At a guess I’d say there some upgrade was pushed out to one or other app which has somehow triggered the failure. It’s not good that this has happened in the middle of a spike in cases but hopefully they can fix it soon.

It’s worth noting that although the app has been downloaded over a million times, I’ve never seen more than about 250,000 checked in on any day. There’ll probably be a lot fewer than that now!