The Open Journal at INAM

This afternoon I took part in a panel discussion on Academic Writing and Publishing that was held as part of this year’s Irish National Astronomy Meeting (INAM2020). For reasons related to Covid-19 this years meeting is all online so the panel was virtual. Each of the three panellists gave short (10 minute) presentations and then there was a discussion. My contribution was mainly about the Open Journal of Astrophysics but I also included some comments about academic writing generally.

Anyway, in the interest of Open Access here are the few slides I used. Many of you will have seen some or all of them before, but here they are anyway:



One Response to “The Open Journal at INAM”

  1. Phillip Helbig Says:

    Why does the paper have a better chance of being noticed if put on arXiv before having been accepted by a journal? Yes, it will get noticed somewhat earlier, but why should the chance of getting noticed be better? If anything, I think that “accepted by…” would cause more, not fewer, people to take a look.

    Also, one can of course get feedback which one might incorporate into the official publication. But that must be even more the case if one puts it on arXiv first, collects some feedback, and then submits it to a journal only later.

    The downside is that statistics say that replacements are rarely read, i.e., most people read only the initial version. Yes, that is motivation to get it right the first time, but it has obvious disadvantages as well.

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