Level 5 Holiday Weekend

The last Monday of October (Lá Saoire i mí Dheireadh Fómhair), aka the Halloween Holiday (Lá Saoire Oíche Shamhna), is a national holiday in Ireland so I’m currently in Bank Holiday weekend mode.

Tougher (Level 5) Covid-19 restrictions came into play at Midnight on Thursday so I guess I’ll be spending most of this weekend time at home, but that’s OK. It will be a chance to recharge the old batteries.

I’ll also have time to read the big booklet that arrived in yesterday’s mail.

This new regime is not at all like the first lockdown in March but my main worry is about compliance. The vast majority of people have behaved sensibly throughout the pandemic but enough haven’t to create a very worrying situation. I’m concerned that those people who flouted the Level Three restrictions will flout Level Five too, but we’ll see.

Last night we resumed the “virtual pub” night on Zoom with former colleagues from Cardiff, which went into abeyance when actual pubs reopened there. Wales has now gone into a stricter lockdown too, for at least 17 days. I think England will probably follow soon.

Anyway today’s tasks are: (i) to activate my home internet and (ii) to avoid reading work emails using it.

I arranged to have the router box etc delivered yesterday. The courier texted me in the morning to say they would deliver between 2pm and 4pm. I had a lecture scheduled from 12 to 1 so I went on campus, did the webcast from my office, and returned home by about 1.30. I waited there until almost 6pm and then gave up and went to buy beer and pizza.

When was coming back with the goods my next door neighbour saw me and came around with the package. The courier had arrived at my house at 11am and discovering that I was not in, had left it with her. No note at my house. No text or phone call to my mobile to say they’d been.

Nightline is the name of the courier company. They wasted a whole afternoon of my time. The driver also forged my signature in the process, surely a criminal offence?

6 Responses to “Level 5 Holiday Weekend”

  1. At least he/she left the package! I usually get a note to collect something in the post office, which then turns out to be closed anytime that I can visit.
    What amazes me is the reluctance on the part of couriers/delivery persons to send a text message when they are imminent. There’s always plenty of fuss about getting a contact number, but they rarely use it!

    • telescoper Says:

      Yes, a simple txt would have solved the problem! I had a delivery a few weeks ago by DPD and they called to confirm they were on the way. What is so difficult about doing that?

  2. Dave Carter Says:

    Yodel have a tracking app, you can check where the driver is, or at least where they were when they last reported in. And how many deliveries before yours.

    • telescoper Says:

      Nightline have a tracking app. Even now it continues to show my parcel due for delivery between 2pm and 4pm…

    • Dave Carter Says:

      I am impressed with the Yodel one, more often than not you can watch the map, see where it says the delivery has got to, then when it leaves the stop before mine I look out of the window, and lo and behold the van draws up.

  3. Dave Carter Says:

    Not sure whether they use GPS tracking or rely on the driver to report each delivery. Probably the latter.

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