Calculations, Calculations…

So it’s past 1pm GMT on Friday 6th November and the USA is still trying to work out who will be its next President after the elections that took place on Tuesday. The process is taking so long I wonder if Americans might be starting to appreciate the nature of Test Match cricket?

In the meantime I’ve been occupying myself with some simpler calculations for my second-year vector calculus module:

4 Responses to “Calculations, Calculations…”

  1. Do you give the students a typed set of notes, or make a set available on-line?

    I remember teaching vector field theory back in the early 1990’s – happy days, apart from the double lecture on a Friday in a lecture theatre that often reached coronal temperatures….

    • telescoper Says:

      They have a set of notes available as PDF on Moodle. I spend the lectures mainly doing worked examples, after just covering the main points.

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