Newton’s Laws in Words

I’ve been teaching my first-year Mathematical Physics students about Newton’s Laws of Motion so decided to record this little video as an aside discussing the history terminology and use of language.

Unfortunately the only microphone I have is the one built into my laptop and it tends to suffer sometimes from a crackle caused (I think) by the fan inside the machine interfering with the mike. I guess the noise appears when the CPU is working hard causing the machine to heat up so the fan works harder. The sound on video recordings I make this low budget way do break up from time to time, which is rather irritating. Obviously I need to buy an external microphone and when I do I might record this again but in the meantime you’ll just have to put up with it breaking up a couple of times!

5 Responses to “Newton’s Laws in Words”

  1. Are there any pithy formulations? For example, the three laws of thermodynamics: 1) you can’t win, 2) you can’t break even, 3) you can’t even get out of the game.

  2. Cesar Uliana Says:

    Hi Peter,

    just as an anecdote, high school textbooks in Brazil still refer to momentum as quantity of motion. Only undergraduate courses will change to calling it momentum, presumably due to the preponderance of english in academic communication. But as a high school teacher I’m forced, by the textbook, to talk about the conservation of motion when explaining collisions. The weird thing is that most of my students react very positively at the naming convention, in the sense that there is always a majority that say that the product of mass and velocity intuitively feels like being the correct measure of the motion of a body

  3. Regarding the crackling – I have had a similar issue when recording lectures and found out that lowering the mike volume helps a lot, apparently it is too sensitive. (Also, putting a piece of tape over it sometimes helps.) Once I lowered the volume all is fine.

    • telescoper Says:

      Yes, I’ve noticed that when I stand away from the laptop the problem goes away. It only happens when I record while sitting at the machine, so either I’m talking too loud or the mike is recording too hot.

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