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Et in Arcadia…

Posted in Art with tags , on November 28, 2020 by telescoper

“It says ‘Top Shop’…”

I doubt if anyone will get the joke without a hint.

Virtually Open Saturday at Maynooth

Posted in Education, Maynooth on November 28, 2020 by telescoper

Today is the second of two consecutive Virtual Open Days here at Maynooth University so here I am sitting in front of my computer at home on a Saturday morning answering questions from prospective students about Theoretical Physics courses. The first day was more about clubs and societies and other aspects of student life at Maynooth so I wasn’t involved so much in that. Today is about courses of study so I’m here fielding questions for my Department.

With about an hour gone since we opened at 10am it’s been quite busy, but at least I’ve either known, or had access to, the information needed to be able to answer the questions asked! So far. If questions keep coming at the same rate for the next three hours I’m going to need quite a lot of coffee to keep me going!

At least I can do this from the comfort of my own home. It’s a rather cold and miserable day outside. The weather turned much colder a couple of days ago, and the temperature was below freezing last night. There was a hard frost covering my garden when I got up this morning. Winter draws on.

Anyway, I’ll be online until 2pm, which fortunately will give me plenty of time to do some things I need to do before watching the Semi-final of the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship between Waterford and Kilkenny, which starts at 6pm…

UPDATE: It was a remarkable game of hurling, Waterford looking dead and buried at half time but turning it around in amazing fashion  in the second half to win 2-27 to 2-23. Greatest comeback since Lazarus.