Lecture Summary

Yesterday I gave my last full lectures of the term. The picture shows a summary of my final lecture on Mechanics & Special Relativity for first-year students. It may look a bit thin on content but I’m very tired. How I managed to pad it out to 50 minutes I have no idea.

Today we have presentations by project students via Microsoft Teams which I can watch from home while I await the delivery of a blackboard which I’m going to put in my study at home. (UPDATE: Predictably, the Courier didn’t show up.)

Later today I have my last lecture slot which I will use to pass on some information about the examination online timed assessment in January.

And that will be the end of my teaching for the (calendar) year, which seems to have lasted at least a decade. Let’s hope next year is better.

One Response to “Lecture Summary”

  1. Phillip Helbig Says:

    I read today (guess where!) that the area corresponding to 40 miles per gallon is about 0.06 square millimetres (or, rather, the reciprocal).

    The definition of flux density contains “per second” and “per Hertz”.

    On the same theme, explain why it is wrong to use the joule for the unit of torque.

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