There’s a Moose Loose Aboot this Hoose!

Artist’s Impression

I am working from home at the moment owing to Covid-19 restrictions on campus activity but I have been informed by on campus staff that an unauthorized mouse bas been seen in the Department of Theoretical Physics. This is a very serious situation as access to the Science Building is for essential work only and this does not include rodents, even if they have a PhD. Furthermore, the mouse is not wearing a face mask and, from what I have heard, is not observing proper sanitary procedures.

More importantly, our Covid-19 protocols require all visitors to the Department to be in receipt of a letter authorizing their presence. I have contacted Human Rodent Resources and no such letters have been issued.

I have therefore instructed all staff and students in the Department that if they see this mouse they should instruct it to leave and that any refusal to comply will be met with disciplinary action, initially taking the form of a formal written warning but escalating if necessary to a meeting with Maynooth University Library Cat.

There now follows a  message concerning these developments from Professor Brian Dolan.

I hope this clarifies the situation.


3 Responses to “There’s a Moose Loose Aboot this Hoose!”

  1. Dave Carter Says:

    I used to listen to this growing up (I would have been 5 when it came out), and I really thought that there was a house with a Moose (Alces Alces) loose in it. Of course I didn’t know a Moose was Alces Alces when I was 5. But I knew what one looked like and how big they were (probably from Zoo Time with Desmond Morris) and it sounded pretty scary.

  2. Many years ago, when the children were quite small, we went on holiday to Pefkos. We’d had a good meal at one of the restaurants there and the waiter, whose English was just about better than all our Greek put together, wandered over to ask if we would like anything else. “What have you got?” we asked. He thought for a bit, then very slowly and carefully said “Chocolate mouse”. Of course the children wanted it although we explained after the waiter had gone to get it that it was probably chocolate mousse and they shouldn’t be too disappointed when it arrived. But chocolate mouse it was.

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