Goin’ Down Slow – Archie Shepp & Horace Parlan

I just updated my Coronavirus page with the days statistics for Ireland (1024 new cases, 12 deaths). We’re obviously well past the Christmas peak but cases are falling very slowly. At this rate we’ll still have several hundred a day by the end of February (which, incidentally will be a year since the first Covid-19 case was recorded in Ireland).

Unlocking with case levels in the hundreds before Christmas was a disaster and I sincerely hope there’s no repeat of that foolishness.

Anyway, the current state of play remind me of this track from a great album called Trouble in Mind which I bought as a vinyl LP about 40 years ago. It’s by Archie Shepp (tenor sax) and Horace Parlan (Piano). Both made their reputations as avant garde jazz musicians but in this album they went back to the roots and explored the classic blues repertoire. Goin’ Down Slow dates back to 1941 and it’s a standard 12-bar blues (usually performed in B♭). Horace Parlan passed away in 2017, but Archie Shepp is still going strong.


4 Responses to “Goin’ Down Slow – Archie Shepp & Horace Parlan”

  1. Dear Peter,

    Indeed, going down slowly. I live in Belgium and over here it’s going up slowly but basically holding steady over the last month or so. Waiting and hoping for the vaccine …

    Your blog is more about society than about astronomy, it seems ( not a criticism as it’s your blog and I’ve been reading it for years). As we live in dark times… well, do we actually ? I came across a book recently : ” Factfulness” by dr. Hans Rosling – a medical doctor, one specialising in International Health. He uses a lot of statistics to show that the world is actually faring a lot better than what we read in the press or on the internet. Blames cognitive biases for this, and suggest corrective action.

    I found it a refreshing read, as the past 4 years had given me the impression we were all going down the hill in a handcart. Perhaps you may find a moment to have a look into it ? Rosling also has a good bit of material on Youtube, for instance : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUwS1uAdUcI

    Wishing you a very good week.


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