A New Horizon

With the (very slight) relaxation in Covid-19 restrictions in Ireland starting this week my horizon had increased from the previous 5km to a new 20km radius:

In fact the new rule says “You can travel within your county or up to 20 km from your home”. I could therefore travel even beyond Naas* remaining within County Kildare, and almost to Dublin City Centre or up to Ashbourne in County Dublin and County Meath respectively. The excitement of it all!

*Naas is the location of the hospital where I get my knee treatment, but they’re not doing routine procedures right now so I’ve got no reason to go there.

One Response to “A New Horizon”

  1. There is a very well known Limerick about those parts:

    ‘The town of Naas
    Is a terrible place
    Kilcock is just as bad
    But of all the places I’ve ever been
    F**k me, there’a Kinnegad!’

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