Gardener’s Question Time

A spell of good weather last week meant that I was able at last to get out and mow the lawns to front and rear of my house. I had tried to do that a while ago but just as I was about to start a hailstorm came down and I abandoned the plan.

By the time I got round to actually mowing it the grass was quite long and still a bit damp which, combined with the poor quality of the old lawnmower I have, meant that I had to do a rough cut followed a couple of dry days later by a closer trim. The lawnmower, incidentally, was left behind in the shed by the previous owner of the house. I was slightly surprised to find that it works at all but I should get myself a new one.

I was joined on the first mow by a little robin who was no doubt on the lookout for bugs disturbed by the grass cutting. I was a bit worried I might accidentally hit the bird with the mower, but he (or she) was fearless, at one point jumping on my foot and pecking at my shoe laces, presumably thinking they were worms.

The rear garden is now looking a bit tidier.

This is a very secluded and quiet space, nice for having lunch al fresco which I did yesterday. The sound of the birdsong around was really delightful. I couldn’t see many birds but they were making a lot of noise wherever they were hiding!

Come to think of it they were probably warning each other about the human weirdo invading their territory. They will have eggs and/or chicks in their nests right now.

Anyway the above bush is in my rear garden, beside the wall next to the, seating area. Does anyone know what it is?

Answers through the comments box please!

3 Responses to “Gardener’s Question Time”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Mind your beard with that lawnmower! Is it a manual or an electric or a petrol job?

  2. Matthew Motyka Says:

    Nice lawn! When I first saw the weeny photo of the mystery shrub my first thought was it’s a white-flowering Spiraea ‘Arguta’

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